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We are a family business based in the heart of the Kent countryside providing a quality speechwriting service to clients both locally and in the wider world. At Edgerley we know the value of the spoken word and with skills learned in a lifetime of experience with the written word we know just how to convey your own personal meaning and emotion in your speech, whether for a joyous celebration or for those quieter and more reflective family occasions.

Our prices start from as little as £50

Let us find the right words

Many people are comfortable with writing a speech for themselves but others may find it difficult to choose the right words to truly express how they feel about a person or an occasion. We are there to help you put your thoughts and feelings into words that you can deliver with confidence when the time comes.

A personal approach

We can tailor our service to suit your needs. You may be a best man whose sense of humour has deserted him with the big day rapidly approaching, or someone who is struggling to find the words and the strength to say what they and their family and friends really feel about a loved one.

Understanding your needs

We want to get to know you, the speaker and through you get to know the person, people or subject your speech is about. We will put your thoughts and feelings on paper with compassion and understanding, so that when you speak you are speaking in your own language.

Face to Face

Ideally we enjoy meeting face to face as there is no better way to really understand another person and the way they are feeling.

Phone Consultation

We are happy to chat with you over the phone, for as long and as many times as it takes to get to know you and your wishes so that we can provide you with the best possible speech to deliver on the day.

Remote Working

If you are comfortable with the process we can meet online over Skype, Teams or Zoom – not as good as meeting face to face but helpful where location is a factor, and a good way to put a face to a name.

Remote working is also a good option for those concerned about Covid or having to self isolate but still in need of some help to write an upcoming speech.

Words for every Occasion

Edgerley Speechwriting Services can meet all your writing needs at a price that won’t break the bank. Our service includes personal discussions on what it is you are trying to achieve before a first draft is prepared for your consideration, comment and approval. A final product will then be delivered in a set timeframe and format of your choice.

Our prices start from as little as £50

We offer words for every occasion including the following:

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    Weddings Best Man
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    Weddings Groom
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    Weddings Father of the Bride
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    Funerals & Eulogies
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    Weddings Bride
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    Family Occasions
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Company Owner

Michael Watkins

I was born in Kent but spent the early part of my life in the London suburb of Dagenham, famous for the Ford motor plant if nothing else! I moved back to Kent in my thirties and eventually settled in Dover where I live with my wife Susie and our two sons, Steven and Anthony. I also have a daughter Hannah, who is now 35 and who like me has a passion for writing. I have had a generally happy and varied career spanning over forty years. I started out at 17 in the world of shipping accounts in the Essex town of Barking and thereafter my career path took me on many an upward and a downward turn, thankfully mostly upward.

Through all of that time my abiding passion has been writing, whether it be songs, stories, news articles, screenplays - anything that set my creative spirit free. I have had the odd minor success along the way but have always written more for my own entertainment (and often that of my friends and family) and over the years I have been called upon many times to provide a speech or help a family member or friend to order their thoughts ahead of an important event, whether that be a wedding or less joyful occasion. I could add that, having been married three times and best man on a number of occasions I do have a bit of an inside track on wedding speeches!

My experiences in the world of work, but more importantly of life itself and the trials and tribulations it brings are what I rely on to provide my clients with the best possible service and value for money.

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